Cloud AI

Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity
— Andrew Ng


Experts agree that almost all industries have to incorporate AI into their business within the next years to stay competitive. Doing this in-house is a daunting task. We help our clients in every step of the way, from assessment to maintenance.

Augmented support

AI is a tool that helps people focus on what only people can do, building intimate relationships with others. Our aim is to make apps centered around humans, not humans feeding computes data.

What is Cloud AI ?

Lets be honest, modern app stacks are complex. Adding AI just adds to that complexity. We solve that by giving our clients an RESTful API interface instead of an app they now have to manage, maintain and upgrade.


As AI models get better we implement the newest findings in our models, you get better results without having to do any coding or reimplementing.


You can access all our models via a simple RESTful JSON API.

Built to scale

Our AI platform scale with you no matter what you throw at them, we scale with you.

High Availability

We want to be at the core of your business. Our SLA’s start at 99.99% uptime.

DevOps as a Service

Our two man team, suddenly felt like an army


When we started our new startup we wanted to do it the right way from the start, this is going to be the project we are proud to show other developers. This also meant that we needed state of the art dev tools. From the start we dove head first into Docker, docker-compose, Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes and Terraform.

“Having experienced this new way of developing and releasing, we never wanted to go back”

We believe everybody will think this way 5y down the road and we want to help shape that future.


Being in control of your infrastructure via a git repository gives your team superpowers. It lets developers roll out changes takes loads of communication and coordination with system administrators and turns it into a simple `$ git commit -m “upgraded to ruby 2.6”`. This branch will be build, tested and ready for review within minutes, after reviewing the branch in staging, the change will be rolled out across the entire cluster with click of a button with zero downtime.

What is DevOps as a Service?

The reality is that it is hard to get started and it’s even harder to get it right. There is just an insane amount of tooling and the right way of applying them. Doing it in-house is often too much distraction from your value adding activities, if your coders are even interested in attempting this daunting task.

No matter what stage you are at, we help you setup and get it right from the start!

Seamless env

Containers ensures a seamless transition from development, testing, staging, all the way production.

Built to scale

Infrastructure as code, makes scaling a breeze. Scaling up or down becomes a matter of a git commit, which gets deployed within minutes. Grow exponentialy.

zero-downtime deployments

Best practice application and environment design patterns for zero-downtime deployments

Auto Disaster Recovery

Automated disaster recovery if the app fails and roll-backs if anything goes wrong.


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